You and Your Cycles

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So recently Jonathan McReynolds released a new song called Cycles, and i can not stop listening to it. You see though i wrote the title You and Your cycles, i am personally thinking of my cycles, my struggles, my own round about road. I have found myself living my life as in that last part of the song where they proclaim the power in the name of Jesus to break the cycles, because honestly His power is the only thing i need now to break these cycles. And i might seem like i have a bubbly personality and i am so kind or even happy all the time but deep down inside am dealing with a lot of issues in my life. I thank God for the presence of many people in my life who have helped me to figure out these cycles and at least to make me realize  that am not perfect and for that reason i need the One who is perfect and holy in my life.

Cycles make me realize that we are broken. And that we live in a broken world.

If this world was only white and black, maybe we would all be amazing, with no issues or more with no issues that keeps us running in cycles, but we end up running in cycles when we avoid to deal with the issues.
Issues not dealt with turn into cycles we can not break out of.
The work of dealing with the issues is a hard cost to pay or maybe at least to me, it is very tiring, heartbreaking and mostly emotional draining to deal with the real issues deep in my heart, whether it be abuse that i have faced, discrimination, trauma or any heartbreak. I would rather be whole than not breaking the cycles and hence not going forward in my life. And sometimes it is easy to avoid dealing with the real stuffs, because guess what it is painful to accept or even face what i went through, again?. This is very painful that it is easy to cover the wounds with a bandage and move on. But the bandage is the reason i respond the way i do to some situation, the anger that arise when triggers are fired in my way and the memory comes back, the hatred that i feel and the decisions that i make afterwards not knowing am just going in cycles over the situation that i faced years ago. But today i invite you and i invite myself too, in this dirty path towards healing, forgiveness and freedom (John 8:36-So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed), because sometimes healing is not a straight path, but a mountain to climb, and there is a better view on top of the mountain.
Let us deal with all these issues alone and together
Whether be it jealousy( which apparently i discovered yesterday that to me this is caused by my insecurity issues), hatred, unforgiveness, envy, pornography, drugs, alcohol addiction or any other kind of addiction, insecurity, loss, rejection, depression,painful issues, generational curses,financial issues,sexual abuse or any other abuse,fear,worry,identity issues, self- harming and self- hatred, relationships, looking for validation,feeling unworthy or any other issue that is making you going around in cycles instead of breaking free and living the life that God is calling you to live and the life that God created you to live. Today I invite you to the journey of self discovery, to the journey of knowing who you are in Christ, the only one who is capable of healing your wounds and setting you free.

It is possible to live free and as Jonathan McReynolds sang it, there is Power in the Name of JESUS to break every cycle,to break all these cycle. Even if the situation is how your clan used to roll, you can set a new pattern in your clan, you can be your world changer, run to the One who is able to break every cycle.

Prayer: Jesus Christ,In You there is freedom, there is liberty, there is power in Your name to break all these cycles, and  i am praying that You heal us and break every cycles in our lives and help us more forward, break free and be the salt and light as You called us to be. In the Name of the only Savior,Jesus Christ, i pray,AMEN.


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