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  ” Green City”

Karibu Mbeya, Green City. it is called Green City for a purpose, the region is really green and beautiful. I have been living in Mbeya for four years now, for my studies. I guess by being here this long i can be considered as an expert and i am eligible to offer an advice when it comes to this city.Mbeya was famous in 2016,because the world witnessed solar eclipse on 1st of September. Well Mbeya is big, big enough to tour it all in a month or two. As a person who loves to travel, i have been to quite many places, and i will share with you the places i have been too, so that when you are in Mbeya, you know exactly where you want to go and what you want to do.

Visit famous tourist places
Well, this one is what i love the most about Mbeya. I live in Dar with my family so when i stepped foot in Mbeya, i realized this was an opportunity to go to see the tourist attactions mostly talked about.
In Mbeya you can see:

  • Mbozi Meteorite Site- Kimondo

Located in Mbozi, it is a little bit far from the town, you take a bus that goes to Mbalizi from town. And when you get to Mbalizi you take a bus that goes to Tunduma and the conductor will drop you exactly at Mbozi stand or you can tell the conductor that you are going to see the meteorite and he will tell you where to drop. And when you get there you take a bodaboda to the Kimondo site.

  • Lake Nyasa

Oh, and if you are ever in Mbeya, make sure you go to this breathtaking far from the city Lake. It is a rift valley lake which is located in Kyela. It is a very beautiful lake wich so far has two beach resorts: Ngonga beach resort and the one i have been to, Matema beach resort. I have actually been there twice?, that’s how much i love the place.

  •  Ifisi Zoo and Museum

Do you want to go to the zoo but you are in Mbeya? Worries aside, you can go to Ifisi Zoo.Do you want to see the history of the people in Mbeya and see the cultural products made years ago by the people of Mbeya? I have got you covered, Ifisi zoo and museum is the solution to your problems. This beautiful affordable zoo has variety of animals and the museum is rich of history and many artifacts that will leave you speechless and deep in the knowledge of Mbeya.

  • Mount Loleza and Mount Rungwe

Personally i am not into hiking, i tried to reach the peak of Mount Loleza, i didn’t reach it (the peak is the place that has a wooden cross,that winners who reach the peak take a photo with). From that day on i realized hiking isn’t for me. But if you are into hiking,well Mbeya is a mountainous region and it seems you will thrive well in this region.

  • Kijungu jiko And Daraja la Mungu

Did i tell you that Mbeya is full of tourist attraction? Well kijungu jiko is a natural flowing water that is flowing at a very high speed and daraja la Mungu is a naturally built bridge that has some history attached to it. And once you get there the tour guide will tell you about it.

I could go on and on about the tourist attractions in Mbeya , i haven’t mentioned the hot water spring in Mbeya,Lake Ngozi and i haven’t mentioned the Kitulo National parks and so on.

Visit the famous SIDO market
Well if you are planning to come to Mbeya, don’t forget to take a tour around this market in Kabwe. It has business people selling their products daily. It has been burnt twice by fire accidents and rebuilt. Just gotta come and see this wonder.

Visit the borders
In Dar, i have never really experienced a life of living near the border to another country, but Mbeya is a border region, it is a border to Malawi and Zambia. By living in Mbeya i got myself a chance to visit these two countries. The Mbeya border to Zambia has a very famous market and it is well known for selling products at a lower price, the place is called Tunduma.

Visit the universities and schools
Mbeya has few universities and it is possible to visit all of them in one day, you can visit Mbeya University of Science and Technology,Mzumbe,TIA, and many others.
And some of the schools are Ikuti primary school, Swilla schools,Sangu, Loleza, St Francis and many others.

Eat out and drink coffee
Mbeya has few coffee shops, and the one i know is located in SOWETO area, and when it comes to food you can actually go to many places that offer great food.
For Pizza: my favorite place is Mbeya hotel
Swimming and eating out: Utengule is the best
For Makange in Mbeya: Daruke is the best place.
And for pork, there are so many places. Actually Mbeya is very famous for fried or roasted pork and it is the most free place you can eat pork without being judged in Tanzania. Most people eat with Ugali,friend banana, chips or rice. And when in Mbeya, please remember to eat chips/fried potatoes as much as you can, it is cheaper than any other area in Tanzania since the potatoes are harvested mainly in this region.

I hope you enjoy your stay in Mbeya, as i have. And you end up loving this region that has a cold weather most of the months in the year.
P.S- Don’t forget to carry your umbrella wherever you go, you will never know when the weather will change, better safe than sorry?.



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