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22-23 : 23 Things about me

As weird as this is, it’s a trend in a blogging world. And i am giving it a shot. Since its my birthday (actually this is done on birthdays) i will share with you 23 (exactly my new age) things about me.

Note to Self : Dear Me

  1.  I am the only child, and yes it was until i got to university that i realized that the world doesn’t revolve around me ( weird right????).
  2. I really love cats, i mean i run towards them when i see them,but i can’t carry them cause i feel like they are so fragile.
  3. I can eat french fries everyday. French fries and pilau are my favorite food.
  4. I was sexually abused when i was in secondary school, learnt to forgive and live like not a victim when i was in university. Oprah, Christine Caine and Joyce Meyer’s stories encouraged me so much.
  5. I love tissues and toilet papers, they make me feel hygienically clean and safe.
  6. Most days i have a smile on my face, and trust me my smile can light up people’s worlds on the way ( i hope we meet in those days).
  7. I am crazy about sunrise and sunsets. They are the most beautiful paintings to me.
  8. I am always down for adventure, i can’t wake up early for anything else, but when it comes to adventure i can even stay awake till the next day for it.
  9. I love my mom, so so much. I used to say she is my weakness.
  10. I love to collect foreign currencies but when i am running low on cash i exchange them.
  11. Before i actually got the opportunity to go out of the country, i went to Malawi border and worked like for three minutes at the border area, and i used to lie to people that i have been to one country while i have only been to the border. But seriously though, i still count being at the border as being in the country, i don’t know why???
  12. I can’t wear high heels to date. Tried but it’s so much pain for fashion. Sandals and sneakers are my go to.
  13. I really love cardigans and kimonos, i have more cardigans than what normal people should have.
  14. I talk and read so fast, one time i was told to read something at church, i got feedback nobody understood anything i read, but hey at least we got out of church on time right?
  15. When i was growing up i wanted to be a chef so that i can cook on TV like the ones who i see in cooking shows, since then i wanted to be a boxer like Mary Kom ( after seeing the movie), Wonder Woman ( after seeing the movie), and many other things ( after seeing a movie or any documentary).
  16. I am left-handed. And when people are amazed by it, i remind them that even Obama is left- handed and we are the Anomalies. It is actually something that i brag about a lot, thanks Obama.
  17. I feel more alive when i go on adventure ( not hiking), in another country or city maybe. If the tourist attraction needs hiking to be reached, i can sacrifice it.
  18. I weep at movies, books, news, commercials, anything that gets slightly emotional. And my room mates always laugh at me for it, they tell me to grow up every time.
  19.  I never had a real nickname.
  20. When i am stressed, sad, down or tired i sleep, i will have more energy when i wake up and more strength to make any decision.
  21. In reality i am an encourager, so i always encourage people in their problems while i skip on mine for sometime,even if we are on the same boat that is sinking, i will give encourage you as if i don’t see the boat sinking.
  22. I always love telling strangers/people my age, my friends discourage me so much when it comes to that, but i just love it. 
  23. I actually have one signed copy of a book that the author signed in front of me, and i hope to have more signed copies.

So those are 23 things about me,that i thought it was fun to share with you all.

Every blessing,


24, proud Tanzanian, bookworm, beach lover, loud laugher,conversationalist, deep thinker, public foodie, authentic writer and globetrotter.


April 29, 2019 at 3:46 pm

hello Eunice
Thank you for sharing, the beauty in posts like this, is as I like to say, the more we understand other people, the better we understand ourselves… some of the 23 points had me laughing and giggling like a high school kid, yo so full of life
stay writing and watch this baby grow

    May 2, 2019 at 6:28 am

    Oh man!!??. Thank you, means a lot coming from you.. Your blog is more than inspiring.

    Thank you for the encouragement.

    And ‘you are so full of life’ is one of the comments that I love to receive??

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