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Faith In Engineering School

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I am in my last engineering semester????, i mean i thank God for the journey i have been through its been fun. And its for this reason i feel like i have a reason to testify of what God has done for me in my engineering school. 
Trust me in high school most people already knew what they wanted to do with their lives, i didn’t, in fact i figured that out in my third year. And you remember those people who were writing “Dr” or “Eng” before their names in high school, well that wasn’t me. Even when i was selected for my engineering school, i was still not sure what am going to do there so after God’s help to date, all i can say is you need faith in engineering school, not only faith but crazy faith.
I won’t lie but in engineering school you need God, He is everything you need in the lonely days, in the days when teachers scares your entire existence with the marks they give you, in the days when friend’s drama ruins you and in everything else that you will go through you need Him.
In engineering school, you need faith for your room mates.

Pray for the roommates you will have and believe that  God will place people in your life that have a purpose in your life. They say university is a place you probably will meet friends for life, so pray for the people you will meet, i have actually got my best friend in university. Pray for the room mates, the people who will surround you for the whole year or four years that you will live together.  They have an impact in your social, spiritual and normal well being. 
You need faith in order to know how to use your freedom well.

University is a free space. It is a place where by for people who are not used to be free, tend to misuse it. Pray about this overwhelming experience, you need faith to listen to and follow God’s lead in the way you will use your freedom.
You need faith to discern how you live in engineering school.
When i first got into university, it felt like everyone was just getting into relationships, i mean to the extent i felt lonely ?? no kidding.  But i thank God that He used my time in university for me to get to know my identity in Him, you see when you know who you are in Him, you will know what you want/deserve. So pray that He helps you to number your days in university and that He helps you in how you live. Don’t let people just walk into your life but discern who does and how they influence your life.
Engineering school can be fun, learn a new language, volunteers at church or any other organization, always grow spiritually,mentally, emotionally,and physically, also make friends, go to places, read books, get your identity built in Christ, this is the time you can know Him more,build your confidence, learn a lot. Instead of saying you don’t have time, actually check how you spend your time on movies and social media.
Many people change in university, so you need the Lord to be who He created you to be. Pray that everything you experience be all He planned for you and that when you look back there will be no regrets.
I have always stayed with this one verse  no matter the waves ( because really there have been a lot of waves and so many times i thought that i was sinking) but whenever i read this verse, my faith escalated: 2 Timothy 1:7 – “ For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power,love and self-discipline.”.

God has not given us the Spirit of fear, even in engineering school God has not given us the Spirit of fear, so go into it with faith. We are more than conquerors ,and He who started a good work in us, will be faithful to complete it.

PS: make sure you put on a nice cloth in the day you take a photo for the identity card, because if your university is like mine, the card will last for four years. (I still regret what i wore and the pose on my id card)?????. That really boost your confidence with your Id card.

Every Blessing,

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