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Strawberries are overrated,and some other things in life.

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True story: I don’t really have a bucket list, but i wanted to try new things, and i just had two new things to try,and both of them involved me eating, weird???. So first i wanted to eat strawberries and sea foods, apparently those are the things i haven’t had the honor of eating to date. So i got an opportunity of having strawberries, is it just me or everybody else thinks they are overrated? Lets be honest, they are in the movies, in the adverts, billboards, supermarkets, and i thought they would have been heavenly (they are so expensive, so matching up to their expectations is the least they could have done for me, i guess).  After eating them, i came up with just one conclusion: strawberries are overrated.

But then they got me thinking, i think most of the things in life  and in our Christianity are overrated. Things that shouldn’t have been.
Preachers are overrated, teachers of the Word of God are overrated, sex in our generation is overrated, drinking and having fun are overrated, casual relationships and hook-ups are overrated, and christian singers and  musicians are overrated and many other things that are given value of ‘god’ and we idolize them.

 Television, music videos and movies have a way of making us relate, do and even live certain ways, and as much as we get to see news on TV, we also get to see things like sex that leaves us making it a ‘god’ in our lives. I really have no problem with teachers of the Word of God or Preachers,or singers but there is a problem that we need to address, we have made a god out of them. When we won’t go to a service because there is no one we know or a certain name we would want to see is not there, we have made an idol out of them. When we go to the concerts because of the names of ministers but not THE NAME OF THE ONE WHO CAN SAVE, we have made an idol of those people.
And the way we treat our gospel singers is scary, instead of treating them as messengers, we are treating them exactly the same way as the world treats its superstars. Instead of them being ministers,servants of the gospel, we treat them as idols.

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I don’t mean we should treat our leaders without respect or anything, all i am talking about is the perception we have of them in our hearts. If they seat on the same throne in our hearts as God, then that’s what am talking about.
And whether we deny or accept, they have also taken the place of believing that, but i urge all the teachers and preachers to just remember what Paul said in 1 Corinthians 9:16- “For when i preach the gospel, i cannot boast,since i am compelled to preach. Woe to me if i do not preach the gospel”. I am praying for all the people we are looking up to in our walk with the Lord to have the same mindset, but more us who are looking at them to not idolize them and not treat them like gods, because am sure it doesn’t please God in Heaven. When we tremble when we see them, but not tremble for the God who sees us wherever we are, we are overrating them.

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I would say we are living in a time where by the media has an influence that is so uncontrollable in our lives, and so to say our Christianity. And with that influence in the world, there comes the influence to sin as well, i mean sex is everywhere these days, and it is overrated. Having fun and drinking are overrated, when people think they take our problems away, when they think we need those to live, we are overrating their effect and masking their distraction.
You see, in our hearts and lives, there is a void that nothing else will fill. Only God can fill that hole, and that is why nothing else satisfies. 
No drinking, no sex, no girlfriend, no boyfriend, no promise that the movies promise, no new car or lifestyle will, God and only God can. I am saying this out of experience, i have tried porn, movies, music, boyfriends and they have left me emptier than i once was, until i found God.

In this generation that we are living in, it is very hard to not have our minds corrupted. By corrupted i mean accepting the overrated ideas as true in our lives, for example when we get to a point where by as Christian we think casual dating is okay, or hook-ups are okay, we are corrupted.

We don’t have to live the way the world lives to change it,God called us to be different. We are set apart.

I pray God open our eyes to see and notice the things that are overrated and keeps us from being corrupted.

Every Blessing,

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