Me and my own little world

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Matthew 25:34-36- “Then the King will say to those on His right, ‘enter you who are blessed by my Father! Take what’s coming to you in this kingdom. It’s been ready for you since the world’s foundation. And here’s why:
I was hungry and you fed me,
I was thirsty and you gave me a drink,
I was homeless and you gave me a room,
I was shivering and you gave me clothes,
I was sick and you stopped to visit,
I was in prison and you came to me’.”

I am the only child, but I don’t remember a time when my life has been treated so, we lived with people and we were all treated equal till today. Our house is a guest house, where hospitality dwells. When I was in secondary school we were living with our brothers and sisters in Christ who were Congolese refugees, we barely knew them but my mom is that radical. I thank God for her, because she has taught me how to be that radical as well. Jesus was a radical person. If we all lived how Christ did, the world would be different, the problems of the world would be reduced but more we will be serving the Lord as the Bible says in the Matthew 25.

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Someone I highly respect told me that “many people follow Christ but haven’t become like Him”, and that left me with a question, what would it look like? If we would expand our worlds and stop living in our own little circles, what would it look like? If we would stop in our busy days and help a sister,brother, grandmother or anyone in anything along the way? If we would offer prayers and hugs so easily and wholeheartedly to the community God has placed us and the community we meet? What would it look like if we were like Christ and we were serving Him by serving everyone we meet? What would it look like?
If you have read to hear and are wondering how you can do this, glad you are asking. Here are the few practical ways I think you can move from your own little world and go global, we serve a global God:
  • ·         Watch the news and take part by fasting and praying for the people who are suffering or in trouble in the news. Be alert, Jesus said watch out, so go and do just that, Watch out.
  • ·         Give, there is no need to have many clothes as we do in our closets, there are so many places that we can give to, whether be it organization or orphanages. Trust me you can go with your two clothes and they will receive because there is a need. Give financial support for the people who are going an extra mile to help and maybe sometimes organize missionary trips just to meet their needs, bring the gospel and clothes, bring the gospel and food.
  • ·         Volunteer, without even being paid, to the prisoners, to the disabled people staying in organizations or to the homeless people we see on the road. Also see if you can volunteer in organizations that are going far with this like UNHCR, you can start by volunteering in places like Kigoma where there are camps or in Uganda or any other place you feel called to carry the love of Christ too. Preach Christ every time when necessary use words.

When I was in Uganda, I saw one Ugandan young man with his guitar living with our brothers and sisters in the camps, and singing with them, worshiping and doing everything with them, remind you he was Ugandan but he did what Jesus could have done, which is live in the midst of them.
  • ·         Pray for the compassionate heart of Jesus, pray that your heart breaks for the things that break His heart, and pray that He opens your eyes to see the need in your community and how you can take part to bring His Kingdom to the people around you. How He has equipped you for His very own glory.
  • ·         Expand your horizon of knowledge to know the needs of the people, when you know, you will easily take part in bringing the change. Go on exposure trips to see how others live, don’t just be closed in your own world.  When you see, you will know how you can take part, and organize the change. Organize helping trips for the people in need who are in your community and go help with your friends or church members, whether by going every Saturday to clean the prisons, provide clothes or any other thing. Do something where God has placed you.
  • ·         Don’t misuse what God has given you, the resources we have like water and etc. we tend to misuse the resources that are easily given to us mostly forgetting that they are not so easily available to others. I take not misusing God’s resources that are easily available to me as an act of respecting and honoring God for the things I am given, being a steward.
  • ·         See how you can help your neighbors, the Word says love your neighbors, go do just that. If they need help, water or food, represent Christ to them.
  • ·         Care about the people who are in your life, at church, school or anywhere. Most people need someone to talk too, be the listening ear. Be there, be a friend. Give people your time, your support, your help, give people you.
  • ·         Partner with people who are helping, online or anywhere and support them.

Think of serving everyone you meet as you would be busy serving Jesus if you could have meet Him, even your gatekeeper at the place you live, work or study might be hungry right now, instead of throwing the lunch you had, giving it to her/him might be the reason Jesus will tell you,”I was hungry and you fed Me.”

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The church, the body of Christ should not be closed to the needs of the society, in the few years of Jesus’ life He wasn’t. He stopped for people, went an extra mile for them, we should too. We are the ones to go, and we will go. We have plenty of time and we watch the movie with it, what if we invested that time for our eternal lives? For the well done from God? And again, WHAT WOULD IT LOOK LIKE?


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