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Nilikuwa kanisani one day, then nikapata ile watu wanaita “light-bulb moment”, ambapo niligundua kuwa napenda kuwepo kanisani. Man i love church, so much. I love the people, the community, the dancing, the act of worshiping with music, listening to the sermons, meeting my friends and new people, I. Love. Church. I know, you might not be sure if you love church, so i am here to give you signs kwamba you too do love church, but also the reasons why i love church. Here we go:

Signs that you love church:

-You always try your best to go there on Sunday
-Unaandaa nguo for church on Saturday
-You have a friend kutoka church ho you keep in touch with( or try to)
-Unafuata makubaliano yoyote mnayoyafanya kanisani
-Upo kwenye group lolote la kanisa and WhatsApp group
-Wakisema vijana or mabinti wabaki, unabaki
-Unakaa nyuma ukifika kanisani or sehemu yoyote๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜Ž
-Unatoa sadaka (unakumbuka kutoa fungu la kumi)
-Whenever you think of church, you smile
-Leo ni jumanne lakini bado unakumbuka neno lililohubiriwa jumapili, na utakumbuka hadi jumapili nyingine pastor akiuliza mnakumbuka nilihubiri nini, wewe ndie utajibu
-Unaenda kanisani na peni na daftari, na unajitahidi kuwahi

Well, with all those signs am sure umeona kwamba you love church, here is why i love church, and am sure it is why you do too…

-The community: No man is an island, we live in the community, but there is a certain level of understanding, of being loved in the community of Christ. It is where they understand you and accept you. Am sure now in a world of filters and pretense this has changed and a church is a place where people pretend instead of being vulnerable in the community, but i love church for the community, for the people who understand me and love me. When the world question why i am not like them, i love my community because they get why am not like the world, in fact them too are not like the world.

-Waiting on God together: Yesu alisema several parables kuhusu mabibi harusi waliokuwa wanamsubiria Bwana Harusi na taa zao, i tend to think of the church the same way. We are waiting on God together, helping each other, fighting battles together, raising each other up, all this because we are waiting on Him, our Bride Groom.

-Worshiping/Practicing together: I am sure umesikia in Heaven we will be worshiping and that on earth we are just practicing, well i love practicing with my church community.

-Serving God in the Body of Christ: There are so many ways i/you can save God in His body,

                                                     +By weeping with those who weep
                                                      +By rejoicing with those who rejoice
                                                      +By using the gifts you i/you have been given to minister to the body and etc
In church we simply serve together and each other by serving God.
-Meeting the King: the Bible says wakusanyikapo wawili watatu, Bwana yupo pamoja nao, now in church we come in different sizes, and He is there with us. As we worship Him, speak to Him, listen to His Word, get touched by Him, and sitting there in His presence, simply amazing, meeting the King of kings in His house (am sure He doesn’t dwell in physical houses but i always tend to think kama kwenye old testament, am so old)
-Receiving blessings: Nothing i love like my life getting changed/ healed and touched in church, but also life being spoken over me in church or by my church community who walk on this life journey with me( because you know, when you are down your church community is always at your aid, praying, helping and speaking life over you), but i will be the first one to admit i love it when my pastor closes the service and speaks blessings over our weeks (that’s the reason i don’t leave church before closing). I love them closing blessings.
From this Christian to you my fellow, try your best to be a part of and serving in a Church community.
Every Blessing,

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  1. Oooh,.I love church too,.be blessed love

  2. oh thank you… Am glad to know that you also love church.

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