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Are you sleepwalking through life in this New Year??

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?????Happy New Year!!! Happy new adventures, happy new experiences, happy new levels….unless your sleepwalking through life this new year, then this post is wake up call for you..

“Sleepwalking through life means you are going about your day unconsciously. Meaning you’re in zombie mode and you mistake it for how life is supposed to be. You’re not aware of who you are or how you fit into the big picture of life. You don’t know what your purpose is. You’re likely just reacting to life instead of creating the life you want.”
I have a confession to make, toka 2019 ilipoanza, I have been sleepwalking through life. Well that’s how I got this blog title. Ha ha. I mean I have been living, enjoying and experiencing while my mind was so asleep, ni kama I am just waiting for the next day while I am still in today. Ni kama I don’t know what to do in this new year, lakini pia nimeshagive up in the plans of the last year, well because it is a new year. Ni kama I lacked the passion that I had, the drive, the joy and even the excitement in life…I,I,I was sleepwalking through life for the past weeks, and I decided sitaki iwe for the rest of the year, I decided change. Lakini hauwei decide change kama haujui if you are sleepwalking, and here are the signs to know:
  • Kama hauko excited na anything in your life au hauna any emotion left, you are dreaded, then you are probably burn out or sleepwalking
  • Kama you are having a hard time to wake up in the morning to do anything, hata vile vitu ambavyo mwanzo ulikuwa excited kuvifanya, then you are sleepwalking through life
  • If your mind is filled with so much thoughts and sometimes it even feels heavy but you just don’t know what you are thinking of, you are probably sleepwalking through life.
  • If you don’t seem to enjoy or acknowledge the day to day joyous and glorious things in your life, you are probably sleepwalking.
  • If you are just waiting for the day to end, so that you can go back to sleep, you are sleepwalking.
  • If you are looking for external stuffs to feel the void you feel inside, and even if you get it you are still left empty, you are probably having issues or are sleepwalking through life.
  • If you live for the next big moment, waiting for that ring, job or whatever that you think is “big”, you are sleepwalking through life
  • If you have to have certain people in your life or else you think your life is boring, you are probably sleep walking
  • if you think that life is boring and you can’t seem to find what is good in it, your probably facing difficulty or are sleepwalking.
  • and lastly if you don’t recognize moments in your life, if you don’t live, you are only existing in the day to day moments, you probably are sleepwalking.

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2019, ni mwaka mpya ambao naamini utakua na new experience kwangu na kwetu. Hatujawahi kuishi kwenye mwaka 2019, na huo ndio uzuri wake, that means we get to see, go and experience new things, we get to go to the levels we have never been before, and face new challenges that we have never faced before. If we are sleepwalking we are missing the point. If we are sleepwalking, we are missing the joy, fun, experience and we are missing out in life. Sometimes the issues we think are part of life, are us sleepwalking, thinking that’s how life is supposed to be.
We can be sleepwalking in all areas of our lives, even spiritual. I mean God doing everything good to us, but us still be experiencing it without knowing, unconsciously. This new year. I made a resolution (I will share more about my goals in another blog post and if I have accomplished some goals that i made last year in another blog post) but today here is my call, WAKE UP.

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Everything that God desired for us to achieve in 2019, we are achieving. The levels He wants to take us, we are going. In 2019, I don’t want to sleepwalk through life, in 2019 I don’t want life to pass me by. I challenge you to evaluate your life, like all areas of your life (social life, spiritual, relational, emotional, physical, mental), and see if you are sleepwalking, and then decide for change, pray for change, WAKE UP!

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