The Must Read this February

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Najua nilitakiwa ni share things to read in January, but per this excuse, i beg to be forgiven. Lets start afresh this February, it is never too late to begin. Right?
So i believe reading is good and it is essential in growth, especially emotional and spiritual. Ni kupitia kusoma vitabu ndio tunamuelewa Mungu kwa namna nyingine vile alivyotembea na watu tofauti na vile anavyotembea nasi na hivyo kutufanya kuaspire kukua kiroho na kumuexperience kivingine. So straight to the things i suggest you read this February:

-The Bible,Of course.
(Nisingesema the Bible ningekuwa najicontradict, duh!! the name of the blog let me suggest the Bible first). This year am not so much into kusoma Biblia na kuimaliza as into kusoma Biblia na kutulia kuelewa na kupata real life change. And so far i feel led kusoma kitabu cha Matendo ya Mitume (Acts) and so far leo ndio nimeanza chapter 2 (you see how slow that is). But i have loved this new reading process am in. So far i would recommend John, Hosea or Ephesians for February.

I really recommend this blogpost kwasababu ya ukweli uliopo ndani yake, we all desire to be successful in life, to succeed while young. But there is a danger in premature success, in actually being successful without passing through the fire that could help mature us. Nisiielezee post sana, just go read for yourself, but one of the dangers of premature success is unasahau the goal or the reason why you are doing something, and the purpose changes and you become more selfish. I recently got a testimony from a friend of mine that i would share here in the next post concerning premature success (remind me please!!!!!).

To all the girls told they are intimidating
Hands down, every girl needs to read this…. And boys too just to open their minds into the issues women face. But for real, click that link this February and get yourself liberated emotionally.

Priscilla Shirer – The Resolutions for Women
It’s a new year, i have new year’s resolutions, you have new year’s resolutions(i hope??). But this book takes us through a journey of resolutions that will change your life FOREVER. This February i recommend this book to all the women, unataka kuwa na resolutions ambazo hazitakuacha kama ulivyo, grab this book.

-Little Legacies: Short stories, poems and Bible verses about loss, identity and feeling stuck
By me!!!! This February i recommend my own short book, it’s really short, i promise. it is  a raw, heartfelt and emotional, cause i wrote about the situations that defined me but also define us in most of the cases. To get this book just write your email on this blog (subscribe to the blog), and the book will be sent directly to your mail box. Enjoy

And lastly, don’t forget to read the contents on the blog???.

 Enjoy your February…. In advance.

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