Gossip Series: What to do when you hear a gossip about you..

Reading Time: 5 minutes Kama ulimiss part one ya gossip series, you can read it here I still struggle with what to call aliyekuja kukwambia kuhusu huo umbea, I need your comments on that one. I hope alikuwa anakudefend (like what real friends are supposed to do for each other in these situations) na alikuwa hafurahii wewe unavyosemwa.   But honestly

Things to do after graduating

Reading Time: 5 minutes Ume graduate?? Hongera. Now that haupo shule kuna sense of freedom and fear at the same time.  -Freedom kwasababu umeachana na ratiba, mitihani na masomo‚Ķ  -Fear kwasababu umeachana na ratiba, mitihani na masomo.  Ironic, I know.  Nijichukulie mfano mimi, toka nianze shule miaka 20 iliyopita sijawahi pumzika, nimeinvest 20+ of my life in school, in