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It is COOL to be UNCOOL

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For some reasons, I loved being cool. I mean being the cool friend, the one that everyone says “oh man, she is so cool”. For some reasons I used to love that. For some reasons, being the cool one, means you inspire, and a crowd follows, and it also means you are admired, loved and belong… and deep inside my heart, I desire those three, I long for those feelings, or maybe I enjoy when I get to feel those three ways. And so its the reason I live a lie and show people the life that am not. It is a reason najibadilisha according to a trend that comes, cause it is cool. It is the reason I want to stand out in a crowd, to be noticeable. It is the reason I live an expensive life beyond my means, while I struggle alone and bring expenses that my mom doesn’t understand why she has to pay for them. And it is the reason I want every new gadget that comes, every new dress, navaa nguo zisizonitosha au zinazonidhalilisha, natukana because nipo kwenye group la watu wanaotukana, be the one who has heard the new cool song or even stick to that guy that everyone thinks is cool, even though the relationship doesn’t work for me, because deep inside I get the validation from people who look at me, even though I have to tolerate pain, craziness, expenses, insult and hardships…

(I once dated cause a group of my friends were all dating, after secondary school and I was the only one left, I was the uncool one, I didn’t fit in the group, and so to belong I decided to date the next guy who approached me, and I did, and it was full of heartaches, the guy was cheating on me, and it didn’t last, but I did all that because I wanted to be cool, as my friends, as all my high school fellows.)

If there is something that I have learnt in my 23 years of living, is that everyone likes to BELONG. And it is the reason we follow the trends(whether foods, style, music or any trend), It is the reason we change ourselves when we are with different people, it is the reason that we feel left out or unvalued when we are not in the group of the popular or those we hold with high regard.

But today I have come with new news, It is COOL to be UNCOOL.
Example: JESUS.

Throughout the Bible, we see how uncool Jesus was, from birth to death. He was not born kwenye style ambayo hata akijitambulisha watu watamuona ni cool, He was born in very humble beginnings, very uncool. And in those days mafarisayo were the coolest group, He wasn’t one of them, in fact the coolest were trying to bring Him down. He was just be who He was, He was living His identity, He was busy fulfilling His purpose, not trying to be a people pleaser or hoping He would fit in a crew.

We waste a lot of time, resources, ideas and our own selves trying to be cool, in a world that doesn’t even have a proper definition of the word “cool” itself  (if you want prove,google it). And so cool keeps on changing, daily. Which is tiring, which is heartbreaking, which leaves us not feeling enough, while we are.

Maybe we can live as Jesus did… As children of God, we can live like that, and fulfil the highest purpose we were created to live out. You see being cool is not what we were created to be, being unique is what we were created to be, and our uniqueness glorifies the Lord, cause it shows the world the beauty of our Lord through His creation… US.

So if you are worried because you think you are uncool, or they all tell you that you are, find freedom in this like I did, it is cool to be unique, to be different, to be who God created you to be, to be unique, to live the life God created you to live, called you to live and be, to glorify Him with your life, to stop following the crowd and follow God, to stop doing everything cause the society does it, or the world tells you, but to do what His Word says, to stop copying someone else’s life, to stop doing what everyone else’s is doing, TO BE UNCOOL.

Live your own cool, even if the crowd thinks you are uncool.

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