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I am yet to meet Noble face- to- face, but I got to know him via a WhatsApp group that he created called NWG. The group was filled with people from different countries and we shared a mutual love for poetry (yes, I am a poet, #sidehustle), and from the group, I learnt couple of things about Noble, he is a leader and an innovator. Earlier on I learnt that Noble is a textile designer and also interested in innovating. I always love people who do more than what they just went to school for. He studied Textiles but here he is, inspiring young people with his show, poems and creativity.! If he has inspired me, am pretty sure he will inspire you as well!! Let’s Go!

ABG: Tell us a little bit about you.

NA: Acquah Noble is my name, a writer, designer and an innovator from Ghana. I speak Ewe, Twi and English. I love music, artworks and I’m also the host of The Flashback Show.

ABG: How did the idea for the Flashback show come about?

NA: Errm, I wanted to do something to motivate people especially the upcoming ones (entrepreneurs). A platform to interact with professionals, young and rising change makers to reveal the real and blur nature of their work to motivate others and support them. I then decided to come out with this show.

ABG: Can you share a little bit, the journey from when you started to where you are now?

NA: I think I started with four guests; Stacey Asopiah, Ansu Samuel, Rufus Yennah and Holly Zuelle then I shared their interview flyers in order to get more guests on the show. But I started releasing the interviews after I had done about eights interviews. Later I added review and discussion section so that people can send their books, songs or other works for a review interview. The discussion section is for discussing topics like teenage pregnancy, faith, child labor, etc.

ABG: What were the challenges/ obstacles that you faced when you were just starting?

NA: Questions like how are you going to get people to share their story with you popped up. Because some people may prefer being interviewed by a well-recognized people or media, but I just prayed and moved on.


ABG: I love it when young people like you have a platform that influence people, and the country as whole, do you ever feel pressure/ overwhelmed with the influence that you have in your country?

NA: Not really, also The Flashback Show is still growing, the show is not that popular yet even though a lot of people from different countries have heard about it.

ABG: Did you ever have a road-map to what you are doing now? Was it ever planned?

NA: Errm, actually the plan or idea was to interview people to share their story but later other interesting things chipped in.

ABG: I think one of the fears that young people face is, approaching the people that inspire us and ask them for advice or insight, how do you approach the people that you interview? And how do you face this fear?

NA: Well, I invite them to share their story by sending invitation to them or to their manager, but some also ‘PM’ me when they saw my flyers.

ABG: How has your relationship with Christ contributed to what you are doing today?

NA: A lot, it makes it easy to connect to other people. It’s like a cable connecting you to other people.

ABG: How do you win over temptations as a young person?

NA: Just pray and avoid going to places you know you will be tempted…

ABG: What’s your advice to fellow young men in the Lord?

NA: Don’t do it your way, allow HIM to lead and carve you.

ABG: What would you tell the 20 y/o Noble?NA: Keep praying. Never give up and don’t always follow the crowd


ABG: How has your work/ what you do helped you grow in faith?

NA: Well, I get in touch with different people with different stories and how they made it by having Faith in God. This is like a motivation to me to have Faith in God.

ABG: What’s your favorite color?

NA: White and blue

You can also connect with Noble via his Website.

And also on his Instagram

and on Twitter.


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