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Why I deleted my social media accounts (2017), and I “might” do so again.

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My twin Miriam (we look so alike, we call each other twins), decided to take a break from social media today.. And I was cheering her on with that decision (go Miriam???). And here is a post to inspire you in your amazing journey boo.

I personally envy people who take breaks from social media, having just a month since I joined Twitter, and two days since I joined Instagram, I really want my no- social media life back. See, I deleted all my accounts on every social media platform in 2017 September. Since then I tried to join again on this year March, for few hours then I deleted again. Part of the reason why I deleted my accounts was because at that time I felt depressed and overwhelmed, I needed rest.

I joined Facebook very young, in secondary school, and so a time when I was supposed to know myself without any “outward voices and opinion” was spent in internet cafe reading exactly that, “voices and opinion”. When I grew up, just like what many people do, I started using social media as a way of showing people that my life was good, that I was succeeding in this rat race, and that it was all good. In those days whenever I scroll through social media, my heart used to be so heavy, so heavy like lead. That’s when I knew something was wrong.

But just so you know we all get tired, we need rest, and I was tired and I needed rest.

Rest from comparison.

Rest from my mind running all the time thinking “who posted what,let me see”.

Rest from the approval drug, ” the let me see who liked what I posted”.

Most importantly I need rest to discover who I am, who I am out of the app.

See everybody knew that Eunice, but then I reached a point where I didn’t know that Eunice or me. And I wanted to meet me!

I think in life we all reach a point where we are like “this is it, I need to do something”. And that point for me was in September,2017 after a successful mission trip in Uganda, where I saw hardship that left me broken, and coming back I thought to myself, “all of this doesn’t matter anymore, maybe there is more to life than this rat race that I am a part of”.

Also that was the time when Tasha Cobbs collaborated with Nick Minaj in a song, and it was a frenzy in our Christian world. And I was following two pastor on Instagram, one supported that collaboration, the other one didn’t. When I saw that, I had that light bulb moment, and I said to myself,” I need to read the Bible for myself, and see things from the Bible’s perspective, cause when I go to Heaven I won’t be answering from the word that I heard from the pastors I was following on social media, I want to answer that I did so and so because I saw it in Your Word”. And that was it. That afternoon I deleted all my social media accounts.

There is a joy and life when you delete social media.

-You become more in tune with what is going on around you.

-You can do something productive like learn an instrument or do your hobbies more. We waste a lot of time using social media, many hours in a day.

-You start dealing with your emotions, like boredom.. Have you realized how when you are bored, you go straight to social media, and it doesn’t help you. Because you start comparing your life and then you end up discontent, upset and discouraged.. I started to work out my feelings, what can I do when I am bored, waiting for someone, or in a bus?? Read a book!!

-You focus more in your personal development. I discovered myself more, what I liked, what I hated, what I enjoy, who am I,why do I do this ad that and many other things.. I discovered my voice, the power in my words and my opinions. Even this blog came out of that amazing, personal time of discovery.

-You realize you have a lot of time.

-Developing my own opinion in different things.. When something happens today, without realizing it, the world has different opinions about it, and what I used to do, is read opinions of those I trusted and automatically make them my own as well, I fought and defended those opinion. But truth be told I was not thinking what my opinion was about that thing, instead I followed the crowd. It is easy to follow the crowd than exercising your own brains, and in this time and age, we do that a lot.

-I became more present in the moments. You don’t realize how many things we miss when we are busy scrolling through social media. When I deleted them, I was more present. PS, on Sunday, the day that I joined Instagram, Miriam was angry with me for checking my phone all the time,see?!

-I started a journey for healing.. I cared for my mental, physical, social, emotional and spiritual health. I felt more alive than ever before.

-I had an uninterrupted time reading my Bible or serving, right now since I rejoined social media, I find myself reading the Bible on my phone and then sharing the image on Instagram (so distracted).?

-I had time to think and working on my thoughts. Go on walks, but since I rejoined, I haven’t gone on my morning jogs.? (I just say, let me see what’s on Instagram real quick, and I end up spending the whole morning on it).

Things i missed when I deleted my social media

-Celebrity gossip

-Opportunities, like when I was in Malawi, my friends there were using Facebook, and they were in groups that helped them buy cheap stuffs in Lilongwe, and I felt like maybe there are some opportunities am missing out.

-My friends life updates.

-City updates, honestly I feel so outdated. But I love it.

-My friend’s contacts. I deleted Facebook without asking for my friends numbers, and so I lost many of my friends. But I told myself,if they were real friends we could find a way to communicate again.

– I had time to build the community of people who I wanted around me, my support system.

Why I might do it again.!

On April I asked myself if I am ready, if I can do this, to the extent I installed a control app.

You see I tend to get addicted to things easier, and so I really have to control my intake of things. And for now maybe I can, but if I see my time, emotional and mental health is being affected by social media, I will definitely choose me. I decided to use it again for the blog, and to connect with blogging communities and my blog readers online. But if it affects me, I will choose me.

Plus,I decided to be taking a break for a week, from everything, every month. And so maybe that will help. (The app + week breaks).

Honestly, people use social media, a good example WhatsApp and they say “I keep on using, just in case there is an emergency and I am needed”.

Well, try even a week break and you will realize how few emergencies there are in life.

Anything that costs you, your peace, is expensive.


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19 thoughts on “Why I deleted my social media accounts (2017), and I “might” do so again.

  1. Eunice, it is so hard to abstain from social media coz things here are tempting. Having read this article got me wonder if I ever met me. So many are driven by what the world anticipates from them and they end up fabricating life though social media. This is an eye opener Eunice.. I pray the majority of today’s generation read it.

    1. I know.. Things are so tempting..

      But I think you can have priorities, either your happiness/meeting yourself/your emotional health or social media. I think you need to just doeny yourself sometimes, just like the Bible verse that say “if your eyes, causes you to sin, pluck it”.. If social media is costing you, delete it.

      PS, please share with many people as you want, that way we hear different perspective from different social media users.

  2. Shukuru Amos says:

    . I must say social media is a blessing and curse at the same time. While it may work just fine for others, some find it dangerous. The dopamine reward of likes, follows and comments is addictive!

    1. True story, sure it is. It is a land of opportunities and heartaches at the same time. I guess it boils down to personality.. I get hooked up on things very quickly, since learning that I tend to slow down my pace or abstain from things completely.

  3. Miryunique says:

    social media is a double sword and well i have seen both sides,To be honest just a one day detox from social media i feel so calm regardless the times am thinking of “Maybe someone will check on me” And i now realize your friends won’t depend on social media to find you,if at all it takes social media to look for you then you are not yourfriends at all.I believe people will have the boldness to control ourselves as the bible says 1Timothy 1:7 “selff-displine.

    1. True story.. I can’t wait for you to be back and share all the fun, wisdom and things you have learned and see from your break..

      Self discipline, am learning that slowly nowadays

  4. Darling eunice they say you should have a 3rd eye on each and every thing…not having social media how ll u know wat is going on where and why ??…

    1. This is why I am super outdated???…

      But I honestly value my health over being updated. Currently I am using social media, but I “might” delete it again, who knows

  5. try even a week break and you will realize how few emergencies there are in life……..(i love this)

    Be blessed Eunie

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