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Your Guide to University Life: Cheating in Exams

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Sometimes we get so caught up in the rat race that we lose ourselves. We lose our values and who we are. Sometimes we fight so hard also to succeed to the extent we change, and can do anything just to succeed. I remember how normal it was to cheat in exams and how people kept on inventing new ways to do so, I mean they were creative. But I also remember how by God’s grace, i never cheated in my exams, I remember this one day when the exam was so tough and the teacher left the room, I wrote my name on the paper and collected my exam having written nothing on it, just my name. But I too was not 100% committed in doing assignments, because they used to write my name even if I didn’t participate. In university, our lives are on the line, and so we get desperate to do anything to just save ourselves. I wrote about this in my book; Your Guide to University Life, which you can download it for free at this blog’s shop, but for now let’s read this amazing testimony by our sister Clarisse. She is currently in university and so her testimony is timely. She is a good example that we are all works in progress and that we need Jesus every hour and His grace.When I entered in the university I had goals like anybody else. I had been praying and God really answered my prayers and before I entered I was reminded of how I have been set apart for the kingdom, so as Daniel I was determined not to defile myself by acting like them. In the beginning, it was not hard because I didn’t know a lot of people but as days went by I got new friends, they knew I can’t cheat and they respected it, at that time I was succeeding. Then I remember one day we were doing an intro to Bible exam, suddenly, the teacher went out leaving us with no one to supervise us and everyone was cheating, that is how I started. It broke my heart after, I repented and said I won’t do it again.After one year, I had a lot of friends we’d study together and after socialize, I have to specify that I’m not good at maths and so this created in me a lack of self confidence little by little. I passed two maths(that is two semesters). But that lack of confidence was growing little by little so in the third semester I was doing descriptive statistics, found myself not doing my assignments because I had friends who’d do it and write my name down. in the first place, I thought it’s okey, it is not even a big deal and it’s maths and it grew by cheating in quizzes then cats, it continued to grow up to when I was not counting it as sin. It was something normal and fun but guess what? When I started cheating my average went low. Surprisingly, last semester I was in probation (under 12/20) and I went back to praying for my studies, it was not good, I wasn’t seeing the results so I did what I knew would save me (going to the foot of Jesus) and this semester I failed a lot but there’s this coding program that I wanted to attend so we were sitting for a selection exam and I asked something to a girl that was sitting next to me she told me what she had done and when we finished, we talked and I told her that I was a Christian, she was so surprised and she asked me, “then why did you cheat?”, she was like you really putted me in a bad situation.. At first, I was ashamed by what she might have thought of me, later I thought of how my heavenly Father felt about me, I realized I have been asking Jesus to come through in my studies but He couldn’t because I was doing something that was hindering Him to come through. It hurted me so much and I understood that, that particular sin became life in my life that I couldn’t hear the voice of the Holy spirit telling me that I was doing wrong.It really hurted me, I felt like I betrayed God but I remembered Hebrews 4:16 “Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.” I lost myself in busyness of today and I was so eager to succeed that I even lost my communion with the Holy Spirit.

– Clarisse

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