Commitment, commitment, commitment.

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It maybe easy for some to do this, but I talked myself out of this for quite sometime, like, “you don’t have to do this, you are not interested in some topics after all”.. Or “you don’t have to do this, you have your own things to share anyway”…

For those who don’t know, I have decided to take part in Afrobloggers Winter Challenge, where by we as African bloggers write 30 blog posts for 30 days… That means the whole month of June, and apart from that, we already have the topics that we will be writing about. Oh! And Afrobloggers is a platform that connects all African bloggers, found them on Twitter, and the support they give is just amazing.

I remember being so easy to leave easily out of any situation because I just don’t like to deal with issues, like my relationships for example (ouch),Or my gym membership (except I had paid so I had to keep going for my money,but otherwise could have left the second day when my legs hurt???).

When I was still contemplating not doing this challenge, I looked at the topics again… And then I realized they are no just topics, they are more of a way to discover yourself, to write about your thoughts, where do you stand on certain issues or what are your dreams… And I looked deep into myself and remembered my goals for this new age, I remember writing that I want to be more outspoken, discover myself more and push myself. Push myself out of my comfort zone, and this challenge is exactly that. Pushing myself out of my comfort zone, and discovering myself in heights I never did before.. I want to do this challenge for all 30 days, just so I can change the narrative of my story, that I don’t have commitment issues, and that I can commit to something.

So, here is to 30 days of personal discovery,

Here is to 30 days of blogging with other African bloggers,

Here is to 30 days of reading my fellows thoughts,

Here is to 30 days of pushing myself,

Here is to 30 days of self denial,

Here is to accepting the challenge,

Here is to challenging myself,

Here is to 30 days of changing the narrative,

Here is to 30 days of writing consistently,

Here is to 30 days of committing, committing and committing,

Here is to Afrobloggers Winter Blogging Challenge.



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