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Learning and Growing | 3 things I wish I could do well

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When I was in secondary school my teacher was teaching me, two of the things that I wish I could do well today. But I wasn’t listening when I was in class (I was just a teenager??), fast forward to today, am here planning to take classes or learn more about these things I would have known or be a pro in 8 years go (kids, listen in class please).

Do I regret having fun back then and not learn at that time?? Nah! I don’t like regretting. At that time, the lessons weren’t important to me, now they are. And from that experience I learnt to now be serious and learn whatever comes my way, who knows maybe you will need the lessons later on, like I do now.

No, dear brothers and sisters, I have not achieved it, but I focus on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead” -Philippians 3:13-14.

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Here are 3 things or 4 I wish I could do well.

1) Sewing

Am planning to start a business that involves that knowledge, I will talk about it tomorrow since the topic of tomorrow relates to it. But I also tend to live a frugal lifestyle and so if I knew sewing I could save the money my family uses for tailoring.

2) Baking

I love, love, love baked whatever. Be it cakes, potato or anything really. Madam was really serious teaching us 8 years ago, about sewing and baking but I wasn’t listening.. Am sorry Ma!

3)Video Editing

I have started my own YouTube channel (please subscribe ha ha!). By the way, I used to hate those people who used to share their links with me, and ask me to share, like and subscribe… Now am one of them!! Life I tell you..

Check out my YouTube Channel to see why i need to learn video editing so bad! ??

So, I wish I could do video editing well.. Like so well, mixing music, emoji and everything I like in my videos.


I know they said 3, but I just have one more (click bait?????).

My mom has a garden, she plants flowers. And I remember her asking me to water them from time to time, and it was really soothing. I would even go water the plants when I am stressed out and be cool afterwards. And so I would really love to learn more about plants, flowers, how to cut them, how you can use them and etc. I love flowers, they are just so beautiful and natural.

Like look at that one!! Awww, is that even real??? Oh God.

What are the things that you wish you could do well?? Just 3 things please! And don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe to my blog???.


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