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Is technology a blessing or a curse??

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Well, depends on which angle you want to look at technology from.

All the technological inventions have simplified our lives so much, are helpful to people in need or living with special needs, and it has just made our lives easier.

-But we also have robots, that are replacing people in the industries, phones that gets us addicted to a lot of stuffs and comparison that kill us slowly. Oh! And competition that gets us on a constant frenzy to buy new gadgets which we never needed.

I have shared couple articles on my blog on this subject. Will link them down here, for you to see my perspective on this topic.


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✔✔✔ But to me, it has been more of a curse, than a blessing. I am sure someone else will say it’s a blessing.

And we are both right.

It just depends on which angle you decide to see technology from.

What about you?? Is technology a curse or a blessing to you??! I would love to know.


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