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Why we are obsessed with celebrities and fascinated with fame

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Hello there. I took a break, for my mental health.

I felt burnt out, and so I chose me again, and left ha ha! But how have you been? I have missed you.

It’s been a joy to see stats (poor me, I still check how many people read my blog, it’s so unhealthy I swear!). But it’s been a joy to see people read my blog even when I posted nothing, or didn’t bug you guys to read by sending you links.

Thank you for reading the blog. I appreciate this?

So, I have been thinking, A lot (I had nothing else to do??).

But seriously, Google is tricky. Some days I am just there minding my business, googling how I can improve SEO on my blog, and then I see news about Gabrielle Union and Taraji P Henson. You bet, I am going to TMZ to check out the articles.

I be busy minding my own business, then my mind whispers, “check out how Meghan Markle is doing“….. And 0 second later i am scrolling the royals Instagram and googling her.

I am obsessed with celebrities.

– I just need to know what they wore

-who they are dating

-who they dated before

-what are they eating

-how much they earn

-their heights

– eye colour

-where are they living

-why were they sad in the last paparazzi photo I saw of them, when they were photographed without their consent

-why isn’t she responding to my hustle of getting her attention, while she has mine?

-is she okay?

Oh, and I get offended if someone speaks trash about them (give their opinions because they are obsessed as well), and so i defend them, for free… Don’t pay me Issa Rae, this is love.

Oh, I am also intrusive, very. Like why did Gabrielle opt for surrogacy?? Its not my life but still I love her, we need to make this decision together… As the media like to say, ” its the cost of fame”. (I swear, I didn’t care, I am always happy for her???)

Well, ladies and gentlemen, our hearts were created for worship. They were created to have someone on our heart’s thrones, and so since sin entered the earth, we have been searching for whatever can occupy that space. Even though we end up disappointed, dissatisfied, and obsessed, we still put the wrong things on God’s place.

We obsess about cars, success, celebrities, and other things in our quest to put other things than God in our hearts, who/which we can worship.

Its a thing, Google Celebrity Worship Syndrome (it shocked me).

And fame, well its vice versa. We want fame to take the place of God now… The worshipped, loved, favoured and to be the feared one…….Or maybe we just want acceptance, deep inside we don’t feel loved enough and so we thinking if we get famous people will love us, and that will satisfy our hunger.

I think it relates from the lie Satan told Eve in Genesis, ‘when you eat this, you will be like God’ (Genesis 3:5). And I think since then we have been struggling to be like God. Also maybe we are obsessed with them cause we think they are like God, close to what we also want. Oh Satan!

We were created in His Image, He loves us, we are like Him. (Psalms 8:5, Psalms 82:6)

And this is such a heavy weight to bear, and that’s why the number one regret of many celebrities is fame, all they wish to have in life is the good old days. Cause worship is only for God, and love doesn’t come from outside..

Nothing, absolutely nothing can fill what God created to be filled by Himself.

Just my thoughts. Not any Biblical reference.

But they made sense to me, and so I shared.

What about you….Why do you think we are obsessed with celebrities and fascinated with fame?? Who is your favorite celebrity?

PS, before posting this I was just on Twitter, checking on the whole Prince Harry telling off Meghan Markle scandal.. Pray for me, please!


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