Why you shouldn’t start a blog

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(In day 9 of Afrobloggers winter challenge, I am addressing a class, full of adolescents about blogging and internet.. Let’s do this)

Times are changing.. The fact that I have to talk about these things with you guys is scary.. When I was your age, I was busy getting lost in the streets and playing Super Mario.

Internet is a world by itself.. Full of good and bad. Blogging is a country in that world, full of thoughts, expressions and creativity.

I think you should have a balance between internet, blogging and your personal development..

? You should know and learn about internet and blogging.. Who knows?? You might be the next Bill Gates..

I long for more discoveries to be made in Africa and I think you can be the one who can do that. Am excited for what will happen in the future, am excited for what you will discover.. One of the things that I wish I would have started earlier in my life is blogging and vlogging.

But also i am glad, i started now. And these are the reasons that made me start a blog so late.

This is why I think you shouldn’t start a blog or be busy with the internet, for now…

-I had time to grow and know myself.

Discover yourself, and do some more. It doesn’t mean that now I have stopped. But with discovering yourself comes self care and responsibility.. Knowing what you want, what you don’t want, and what you can tolerate and what you can’t.

I think in this time focus on that a lot.

-I had time to evolve, and mature

Internet and blogging is a place where you can be held accountable for everything you say, or do. Its just an open world. I think you need to evolve a little bit more before being caught up with this world, it would do you good. What you write here is not completely deleted, and so I think you need a time to discover what you want to speak. Don’t just rant about your friend who spilled juice on you, your crush will see that.

-I had time to know me without the noise from the world

Know your hobbies, what you want and who you are as a person, what are yo more inclined to talk about, what sets your heart on fire and all the other stuffs.

-I had time to find balance and be responsible

If you have had time to learn more about yourself, am sure you can have values and standards when it comes to the internet and blogging. You can know what you want to see, what you will tolerate, how you want to be defined and etc.

There is also a lot of negative stuffs, they say a person is first introduced to porn at the age of 8, I was introduced to porn a little older than that, I was 13. These are the bad I was talking about, I hope you be protected from that, and learn to protect yourself from that.

These world changers, are the reasons am glad I started blogging and vlogging late.. These are the reasons I want you guys to take your time..

When it comes to the internet and blogging, you have the whole world to figure it out.. This industry is here to stay.


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