Things to do in Tanzania

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Or why I think you should visit Tanzania at least once in your life.

Welcome to Tanzania.

Tanzania, officially the United Republic of Tanzania, is a relatively large country in East Africa.

With 947,300 square kilometers of land, Tanzania is the 23rd largest country in the world and the 13th largest in Africa.

Tanzania is famous for peace, culture, cuisine, music and plenty of award winning tourist attractions.

With over 120 languages spoken and around 125 ethnic groups, Tanzanians are united by Swahili. As Swahili is becoming the most spoken African language, with different countries choosing it as an official language… It is worth your time to visit the country where the language originated and is accurately spoken.

Having been to 12 of 31 regions, I will be the first one to say that Tanzania’s beauty will swept you off your feet.

Here are couple things to do in ??

?? While in Tanzania you can visit Serengeti National Park, which is the winner of the best African national park three times in a row. You can enjoy Serengeti or go on a safari with 12 other National Parks, its your choice. (BTW, safari is a Swahili word?).

??You can see and climb Mountain Kilimanjaro, which is the highest peak in the entire African continent, and the tallest free standing mountain in the WORLD. (5895 m, 19341 ft). This dormant volcanic mountain is found only in Tanzania??, don’t be deceived??.

??You can visit Zanzibar, the spice island.. And enjoy the music, food, beaches, and history in this beautiful place.

??You can enjoy Bagamoyo, a place full of history of slave trade, fish markets and many more.

??You can see the meteorite that fell in Songwe region, what we call Kimondo in Swahili.

??You can also see and buy Tanzanite, which is a mineral that is found nowhere else but Tanzania. Hence the name??.

??You can experience the wildebeest migration at Serengeti, but you can also opt to see the Ngorongoro crater.

??Eat chipsi mayai, which is chips/french fries mixed with eggs. (My favourite food, only found in Tanzania and nowhere else).

??You could see water falls, lakes, forest and hike on mountains depending on your stamina?

??You can visit museums and Olduvai Gorge which is a paleoanthropological site, the evidence of human evolution. You can also see the first man’s footprints in Tanzania (Laetoli footprints).

??Dance your way with Bongo Flava, the music style that is created in Tanzania and loved in Africa and the world.

Some come for vacation, some come for history lessons and some come to wonder and discover and enjoy this world’s beauty. You can come to see and enjoy where Mbwana Samatta was born, or maybe you can meet Diamond Platinumz if you are lucky.


You will never get bored in Tanzania.. Take it from me.. I live here, I love it here.

For more information : visit Tanzania Tourism website

Also : Tanzania Tourist Board

Eunice Tossy, proud Tanzanian???.

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3 Replies to “Things to do in Tanzania”

  1. kekeke we also have chips mayaya as we call it lol, am sure we got if from you. I was in Dar some time back sadly for work so didnt see much but i did have a jog on the beach was so excited to see the ocean. I loved how you can have prawns anywhere…..

    1. Really?? Oh man!. That is amazing..
      Probably, cause even the name is almost the same… Chips Mayaya??.. Now I know, even if I fail to eat all foods, I have one that is familiar.

      -oh man! Am glad you enjoyed even jogging. Yes I know right, prawns are street food??

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