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Internet in Africa

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What do I say about this.

Well, I have been to African countries where the internet is expensive, Malawi for example.

My experience with internet in Malawi was so shocking, I couldn’t believe it. Coming from Tanzania where Internet and bundles are almost free (I mean when you subscribe to bundles, some companies give you free Facebook mbs).

It wasn’t affordable, available and accountable with a certain sim card. So I had to change

Also in some countries you pay VAT, and the bundles are not affordable, the internet is not available or accountable.

In Tanzania however, I think the sim card companies have tried so hard to make it available, affordable and accountable. We have many sim card companies and so its a battle for customers. They lower their services daily to keep us, to the extent that now you call someone with 1 Tsh. We are moving to 4G. And so many companies are advertising this as well.

It is available, affordable and accountable, from my experience.

Even in the villages.

I use Airtel, and it’s almost everywhere and cheap bundles that don’t run out easily. (A friend of mine who was in Malawi, even asked me,’how is the unlimited Wi-Fi world’ – when she was referring to Tanzania).

Compared to other countries we have it good, so good to the extent people were venting on Twitter that most people were not using 4G sim cards. Tanzanians, people are venting because internet is expensive, 4G is nothing to stress about. 3G is good, be content and grateful.

I was shocked to read about experiences in other African countries but not so shocked because I have lived those experience in some countries that I have travelled too.

These are the times when I wish there was another Tanzania blogger doing the same challenge so that I can hear her/his perspective on some of these matters as well.


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