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Dear World..

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Yesterday I looked at a lady in a bus and I asked her, ‘can you see my pain?’. But I wasn’t really loud enough. It was just a voice in my heart, she couldn’t hear it.

Recently we have been having joyful family moments, but in my life, I have been having questions, confusions and I have felt scared.

Dear world, sometimes I wonder if others can see me when I am suffering, but then I remember that I don’t see them as well.. So we are all blind, in need of eyes.

My heart aches, when I know that people are hurting, but I think to know, you must hear it.

Dear world, did you hear about Sudan?


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Tanzanian, taking life one day at a time and being less judgmental on this amazing journey. I haven't figured out everything in life, and i am okay with that.

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