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If I were given the mic

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Here are my unpopular opinions:

1) Strawberries are overrated

2) We all need counselling

3) Prophets are gods in some Christian’s minds

4) There are Tanzanians who speak English, I think in every country that English is not their official language, there are those who know English and those who don’t.. Its just a language people choose to learn. Check out this video to see that.

5) English is not a measure of intelligence

6) Not all white people speak English.

7) Majority of black people in the US are a result of slavery, they can literally be your relative.. They maybe an offspring of your great – great – great – uncle who was a slave.

8) Coffee and Energy drinks makes me lazy than I already am.

9)Dogs are scary.

10) If we didn’t read on the Bible that a snake caused sin to enter into the world, maybe we wouldn’t have this natural/inborn fear with snakes.

11) Korean movies are so lame, but their songs are good

12) I feel like they take most of their stories from the Bible – Korean movies.

13) Most men are sexist, or they don’t know that they are.

14) I hate it that black people think they are stupid, and that they sometimes say (which means they think) that white people are smarter than them.

15) Most Christians don’t read the Bible, but quote the most popular Bible verses always or the words of the famous preachers.

16) Christian musicians and Bible teachers/prophets are the superstars of Christianity.

17) I hate how violent churches/ Christians gets (in words and action), and how the church has become an anointed oil (or water, or whatever they sell these days) market.

18) There is a fine line between Christianity in how it is represented these days and Motivational speech.. Most people are in it for motivation

19) God speaks all the languages of the world.. Like He speaks Swahili when He talks to me, and speaks Chichewa when He talks to my Malawian friends.

20) If we are not careful Christianity can be a set of rules that we follow, and not a relationship

21) Toxic people spread the toxicity around

22) Everything you do is a product of who your mom and your father is, even the way you laugh sometimes. Until you learn that, you can start observing what you want and what you don’t.

23) It’s not your responsibility to make people happy, its their choice to be happy. Nobody should make you feel like its your fault they are not happy in life.

24) Success is how you define it. Society defines it as having a lot of money, a car, married early and etc. Its your job to define how you want it to look like for you.

25) Everyone is pacing, searching and struggling. And yes, some people die while they never lived life, never enjoyed in life.

26) Going to the beach takes away your stress.

27) Football is boring, Titanic is boring and it should be okay to cry in public… Like seriously cry whenever it hurts.

28) Binge watching TV or shows is tiring

29) I hate everything that trends, like Game of thrones, Harry Potter… I don’t like following the crowd?

30) I love sandals. One of my ex-friend told me,’ if you are a woman, you should know how to walk on heels and enjoy it’. This is why there is ex before friend, I dropped him.

Okey, enough for today.

These are things that I am always thinking about silently, but today I Ed Sheeran-ed them???..

It’s my opinion, what are your unpopular opinions?


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