Africa is MORE

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And all that you have never read about it, is all that you don’t see on the news,

Africa is more than just this picture that you always see on the news..

There is a danger to the picture of Africa that you got,

That’s the danger that comes with hearing and reading about a single story.

I know that the pictures mean well, to help Africa,

But they have left a stain in your mind of a helpless Africa.

I feel bad sometimes for the way Africa is portrayed,

If its issues and problems, in everyone’s backyard they exist.

It is better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times, a wise saying goes…

If you see for yourself you will realize Africa is not different,

It is growth, problems, development, joy, sadness and everything that makes a continent, whole.

The Africa you don’t read about can be what you see for yourself.


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