Dear Africa leaders

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Dear African leaders, greetings to you all.

I applaud you for all the work that you do, I sure do not see it, a lot, but I am a blogger I know what it means for someone to see you very busy all the time and not know what you are doing. I know, for that we can relate.

I am just glad that there is African Union, isn’t that what our founders wanted?? Isn’t that what makes a continent powerful?? Isn’t that what workers use to stand against their bosses and demand their payments??


Us for Africa, Africa for Us.


Even though we are so different, we are very much the same.


Even though we are the same, we celebrate our differences.


I am glad AU exists, and am glad to see that young people are getting to participate in AU matters… Young people should be taught to fight for their continent, just because we are free doesn’t mean that the continent doesn’t need their contribution.

Right now, I want to see the Africa our forefathers died for in fighting for independence… I want to see the unity that they had while fighting together against colonization.

In that unity,

– let’s fight against corruption

-let’s fight against poverty

-let’s fight to preserve our peace

-let’s fight to be an independent continent financially.

Honestly I am really tired of us being labelled the ‘poor, drought or whatever they label us these day’.

Whenever you mention that you are from Africa, an sympathetic face forms up in the one you talk too…

Isn’t that pitiful, how long do we want to live with that image??? Have we lost our pride???

Unity, in it let’s stand.

Let our hearts break for the future generations, let your hearts have compassion and feel the weight of the position you have been given.

What legacy do you want to leave in Africa??

How do you want to be remembered in Africa??


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