Uncommonly known things about Tanzania

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?? Nobody says hakuna matata like people think we do.. We just don’t.

??Jambo is a greeting that is famous in the army, not in the streets

??We have 120+ tribes but are united by Swahili

??We have had presidents from the same party since independent.. Except the party changed its name after independence but still its the party that helped in bringing independence.

??Chipsi Mayai is ‘almost’ the national dish. It is famously available in all streets.

??Our country played a role in bringing independence to many African countries.. Thanks to Nyerere, father of the Nation.

??We have lake Ngozi, which is shaped like a map of Africa.. I went there, it was breathtakingly beautiful.

??Most of us are multilingual.. You either speak tribal language and Swahili, or tribal language, Swahili, English and etc.

??Our flag doesn’t have red because we didn’t fight to gain independence. To this day they say if you want to win in an argument or court, don’t let a Tanzanian speak, she/he will win over you.

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??We have 1 famous national anthem, but 2 more that praise Tanzania, and so we also consider them as national anthems, when I was in school each day at school parade had its own song.

??The word Tanzania is a combination of Tanganyika and Zanzibar.. To this day we still celebrate the union of Tanganyika and Zanzibar to form the united republic of Tanzania.

??We are a peaceful country, however in history, we once went to war with Uganda, and we won.

??We have bongo flava, our very own music style.

??Dar es Salaam is the largest Swahili speaking city in the world.

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    1. Ask every Swahili speaker am telling you, they be like, ‘ I hate it when I tell people I am Tanzanian, and they respond with Hakuna Matata, we don’t even say that word In Tanzania’???

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