Winter Blogging Challenge

Lessons from June

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Hello there.

June is almost ending, with it AfroBloggers blogging challenge.

I have never participated in a blogging challenge before, or any challenge that is 30 days long.

I remember when I was in university, I paid for my gym membership card, and it was cheap if you pay for the whole month, and so I did. That was a mistake, cause I wanted to give up on the third day, but because I paid for it, I had to keep going to the gym for my money.

So it was really good to see myself do all the days I have done to date, cause I still have like 3 days that I haven’t written for….

But hey, I am great, for someone who thought she has commitment issues, this is great.. So great.

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So here are couple things that this challenge has taught me:

I don’t have commitment issues.. (Yeeees!)

It is possible for me to write more than one article in a day

I need to rest, I have found myself creatively tired.. And this is why I have to drag myself to write to the end.

I really love to make myself proud.. I wanted to give up but then I was like,do this for you, just make yourself proud and so I kept on moving.

There are really cool bloggers in Africa, and I got to connect with them in this challenge.

Brainstorming and researching are part of the writing process..

By the way, thanks to AfroBloggers blogging challenge, I am celebrating 100 blog posts today!!????

Will I ever take part in another blogging challenge??!

Never say never.

But this was fun, and at the same time more work for me.. Cause I had to design everyday, and write everyday, while I usually write two to three articles weekly.. So I pushed myself, and for that Eunice we are having Chipsi Mayai today!!! ??


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