To my fellow African bloggers…

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Dear bloggers, you have all inspired me in this challenge.

Some have been blogging consistently in this challenge, some have been trying to keep up with the pace, and some are reading thoughts of those taking part in the challenge. All of you are my inspiration.

When I started blogging I didn’t know there is a community for African bloggers, I didn’t know I wasn’t gonna be alone, I was alone for my first year but when I joined Twitter and found you guys I wasn’t lonely anymore.

You are my gang.

Thank you for bringing change to Africa with your words.

Thank you for questioning the world around you and hence opening my eyes as well.

Thank you for introducing me into new borders I have yet to step in.

Thank you for always reading, commenting, liking and hence supporting my work.

I believe we are stronger when we are united.

Cheers to the friendship! Cheers to the community! ????

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