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Dear Reader…

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It was a beautiful Saturday of January last year, when I opened my laptop with an intention to start a blog.

And I did.

But I didn’t know what I would write, and the truth is I didn’t see you then.

The first blog post that was ever read by many people was called Dear Me, it was meant for me, I wrote a letter to me but somehow it resonated with you…

Somehow you made me believe that maybe just maybe I am not writing on a diary to be hidden, I am writing to people who relate, feel, read and connect.

I am writing to you.

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Dear reader, this week I am celebrating 100 blog posts..

But I am really celebrating your friendship.

I am celebrating you reading my thoughts.

I am celebrating the connection and the community.

I am celebrating your questions, my questions and how we have managed to throw them to heaven together, and sit down knowing that we are heard, we are loved and despite our flaws we are one.

I am celebrating your voice that validates my work, values me and sees me for who I am but still click the link the next time I hit publish.

Dear reader, if it wasn’t for you, I would have given up. Because I could have felt like I am talking to myself, I do that already on my journal!

Dear reader, without you I wouldn’t be celebrating 100 posts, I would have given up at 10,11 if I tried harder.. Because I could have felt like I am alone, and this journey is hard and lonely alone.

Thank you, for always reading, for always sharing your thoughts with me, for always asking me what I meant with what I wrote, and let me hear you as well, for always checking, liking, commenting and sharing. It means a world that I am not alone in this journey, it means a world to me that we are travelling together.

Here is to 100 more posts!!???

Thank you, thank you, thank you

Yours truly,

The person behind these written thoughts, Eunice?.

And… I am doing a giveaway to all my readers, sending our self discovery prompts to your mails, + July goal planners.. If you have ever wanted to know yourself more following the how to know your calling post, well I am sending you question that will help you in self discovery..

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