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Back to blogging and life without Instagram and Twitter

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Major life update : I left social media again.

How do I feel about it??

I don’t know..

But I know is it was wrong for me to be on social media and constantly missing my life without it.

That was a sign.

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I opened my accounts so that I can share my content, have conversations with people and be closer to my readers..

But I had to think and check the stats to realize that, am actually closer to my readers on this blog and by email subscription more than I am on social media.

Also i read a book that actually encouraged bloggers to not just be on all social media apps but to be on apps that actually work for them, and for me I think social media doesn’t.

As I explained on the video ( link??), I love the art of living slow, I love reading books, I love to focus and think without outside noise, I love to reply to your emails with love, but all that became hard when I joined social media. Because well social media is addictive and I was addicted.

So here we are, I don’t need to take anymore one week breaks. I can be here having conversations with you, one on one, like the old days.. Like the days before March I mean.. Cause that’s when I joined social media.

But all is not bad hey, I had a great time with AfroBloggers, I took part in a challenge, had a time to write about things that I wouldn’t have written on my own.. I also found this community, and now I am not lonely as I was before joining Twitter, I have found a community of bloggers… Isn’t that the best thing that could happen to me??

So this time social media has left a good memory with me.

So, we will be meeting again here (the blog) and emails (please join this community by subscribing).

We will be living slow and thinking a lot. We will have memories and be present together.

Here is to all authentic conversations that we will have here, one on one???.


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