4 things you need to do to fix a bad day | Dealing with the unexpected

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Woke up today, at 5am to send some job applications early and work on this blog as well. That’s when the network is extremely fast, and I am uninterrupted. Well, my PC is having problems, Windows is acting up..

I have to get it fixed.

Oh, wait, my neck.

I am not a pillow person, so I don’t know if i slept on a pillow accidentally or just a bad sleeping position.. But my neck. Oh! My neck.

I can’t turn it on my right side without feeling pain.. It is so painful, feels like one muscle or whatever is located at that part is hurt.

When will it end?

What should I do?

Anyone?? ???

Blue Monday.. I don’t even know why people say blue Monday or what it means, or the origin of it… Today I am too lazy to Google.

But I just think it is having a bad day.

Bad day in that it didn’t turn out the way we had expected… Our plans didn’t go accordingly… Things don’t work our way.. Or whatever the reasons…

Just unmet expectations, unforeseen losses, pain disappointment and unexpected heartache and expenses in case of my laptop..

What do to do when you find yourself in a bad day?

Am glad you asked…

Pray about it

Surrender that day to God, ask Him to lead you and His will be done on it.

Recognize it for what it is

As long as we are living, there will be days when we will experience highest highs, and lowest lows. Acknowledge that this day is not pleasant, by acknowledging it you get to make conscious life decision through out… Decisions like not putting your frustration on people and being kind.

Remind yourself that it will end

Hey, tomorrow will come.

Do or eat what you love.

I woke up craving Chapati, and even though I didn’t get to send my job applications, I had Chapati today. And that means a world for me now. I can be grateful for just that at this moment. And that changes my perspective and focus.

Also fix it if it is fixable, if it is caused by something that is 100% in your control. If it is apologizing to a friend, paying for your laptop to be fixed or any other thing that is causing you a bad day that you can do something about.

And dear friend, talk to people about it. It is good when people know that you are not having a good day upfront, than you acting weird and them thinking it is their fault. Tell them, it is not always sunshine and rainbows.

Ouch, my neck!

Talk to me on the comments as well how you are doing today… I would love to hear!!!


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4 Replies to “4 things you need to do to fix a bad day | Dealing with the unexpected”

  1. What if your not a type of girl to just talk about it to ppl i rather keep it to myself coz hua naona km mtu anakusikiliza tu ili kwenda kumuambia tu mtu mwingine ila sio ile genuine listening to help u

    1. Hello Flora…

      I understand what you are saying dear.

      Hii inaweza tokana na watu walivyokutreat before and hivyo ukatengeneza hiyo protection ya kutokuongelea. Its funny that sometimes people rejoice in our problems and share them when we didn’t give them the permission too.

      I would say muombe Mungu akuletee hata mtu mmoja who will be there because she cares for you nawe for her.. Nadhani inasaidia sana kuwa na mtu hata mmoja unayemwamini na anayekuamini, and who you can go to, when things are not working..

      This can also be a seasonal thing / friendship or inaweza kuwa friendship ya milele

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