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God loves us so much and other things I have learned in July

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July is almost over ?..

This year is in hurry to be over??.

August is almost here and I thought I could share things I have learned from July just like I did share things I learned in June… (Let’s make this a thing guys).

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So straight to the lessons:

1) God loves us and He is chasing us

I shared my story about doubt and questioning my faith. By the way I am currently reading a book called You Lost Me. And It is eye opening, the facts that are shared in that book about how many young people leave faith and why left me shocked. I recommend that book for anyone who would want to understand millennial and their faith journey.

Before doubt, my relationship with God was personal. Like really personal I could have conversation with Him. Right now I am on the journey to go back to that and I think that is what has helped me not to leave faith because I have felt/heard/ and experienced Him. With personal relationships come things you share together like songs and etc. God has used music to tell me many things or protect me from messing up and etc, I really love music so that makes sense.

I kid you not, I went to an overnight on 26th and the praise team was leading the songs that are our jam. Like me and God. It was at that moment that I realised God loves me, He still chase me and my heart, and I am never too far gone. They played 2 songs and I was like, ‘I can’t believe that You see me Lord, This is our song???’. So that’s that my friend.. I felt seen, loved and chased!

2) Tough times expose us to our brokenness/the darkness inside us

Tough times are just a way I would say that we learn that we are in capable, that we are not all powerful or all knowing. What we do when we face tough times says a lot about what is in our hearts. What we run to for comfort when things get tough apart from God is our idol. Tough times would be helpful in our faith if they brought us closer to God than away from Him.

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3) Living like a zombie is tough

What do I mean by a zombie life…

-Addiction filled life

-life lived in never ending circles

-life away from God

– life lived in slavery to Satan.

-Life of sin.

It is really tiring, draining and hard. We all want freedom. And that freedom is only found in Christ. So next time we see a brother living in sin, we should not look down on him but pray for God’s grace over His life. The life he is living is tough, same applies to a sister.

Don’t ask me how I did know that.

4) Being present is the way to live

I took a personality test friend… Yesterday. And I am INFP – Introverted, Intuitive, I forgot what F means, and Perceptive (not sure I am right with that either). What I am sure is apparently Shakespeare, Alicia Keys, Princess Diana and other fascinating people are in this group as well, we are called Mediators.. Plus there are only 4-5% of us in the world.

Say what????????????

I felt special???..

Wait, is it in the world or population?? What does population mean? Like every population or world’s population??


So one of our characters is being present, we are observant and etc. Many were true though, like the one that we hate outside noise – cause this was a reason I deleted my social media accounts.

Also we are writers, duh!

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July was a tough month for me, and I wasn’t really living it until the end of it. I felt like something was wrong but I didn’t know what thing. And so I was just sad, feeling bad for what I don’t know was wrong. You know?

Maybe you don’t know.

But being present, requires us to pause, and find the stillness inside and live it outside.

Requires us to see what is going on, see that the trees have changed colour and my niece is getting fat (finally kid, I was wondering where the food you eat goes to).

Being present is enjoying life now, as it is happening, because whatever is clogging our minds, and leaving us worried will or will not happen, at its own time.

And like my favorite quote that has nothing to do with being present says, ‘what will come, will come and we will meet it when it does’.

And those my friend, are the things I have learned in July.

What are the things that you have learned in July?

Share with me in the comments please.

Let me go water mom’s plants now. And be present today!


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