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Maybe, I am being overdramatic

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First of all, I missed you. I missed writing as well.

If you haven’t noticed, I took a month break from everything. And I was just resting. So the whole month of August, I haven’t written or recorded any YouTube video. Just resting.

But I did a little work today, was working on SEO, for my blog. Basically writing keywords and description to make my blog more discoverable when you google something you know.. Traffic!!

And all of the sudden my laptop just shut down. No kidding, I changed my window like few weeks ago, and today it’s acting up again?

And I remember being frustrated, who wouldn’t.

Dealing with frustration

I was so sad, frustrated and angry, and then I told myself, ‘my life is a mess, life is so hard right now’.



I told myself, ‘wait a minute, it’s just a laptop, yes you work and do everything with it but how does that take away from all the beautiful things you enjoy in life?, stop this negative overgeneralizing self talk’.

At that moment, I was very proud of myself, for stopping myself.

Am not saying life is not hard, and don’t be sad.

I am saying maybe the negative self talk is just, you know, too much.

If it were a friend’s laptop, I would have told her, ‘it will be okay, don’t worry’. But because it’s mine, I am beating myself down, and think that my life is over just because my laptop is acting up, really Eunice?

So maybe I am just being overdramatic in the way I react to the things in life, there are things that deserve that kind of response you know, and I am in no way advocating acting like everything is perfect, and in no way am i looking down on people who are feeling down because things are not working out for them in life, but laptop acting up, something that can be fixed is not one of them. The negative self talk needs to end you know, I am just saying.


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Tanzanian, taking life one day at a time and being less judgmental on this amazing journey. I haven't figured out everything in life, and i am okay with that.


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