Less scrolling, More calling

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Or let’s call the people in our lives more.

Have you ever imagined how life has changed for us, today we can literally call someone and live in the moment with them, like experience life with them at the same time. Back in the days, well before the invention of phones, we had to send letters, letters that were written in different moments in life, only to be read in a different season. And before that, we were missing events, cause if you traveled, you will miss the experiences and life of the people you care about. But today you can be present with them virtually, thank God for whoever invented telephones, we literally get to do life with people, live with them in the same moment, when we call, not scroll.

Yesterday night, my mom called her mother, who is living in a different city, 12 hour bus ride from us. And they were talking, and I talked to my grandmother, my favorite in the world. I made her laugh by my accent, apparently I sound different when I speak our traditional language which I am still learning. It was then that I got this epiphany, and I was very thankful. I heard my mom laugh to tears, I didn’t know we shared this, that when we laugh, we end up in tears. My grandma made fun of me, and taught me new words. Doboha means love. I loved that word, I am gonna use that word frequently.

At that moment, we laughed, I learned, we shared, we lived together. So far, yet we were very close. Thank God for the invention of telephones.

If you have stayed a little bit longer here, you might have read about my dislike of technology, you also might have read that i don’t use social media, but every night before sleeping I read books on my phone, or google something.

Every time I am waiting for someone I am on my phone while waiting.

In my mobile data bundle, I get minutes to call, free messages and mbs, but everyday minutes and free messages last never used while my MBS run out few hours after my subscription.

I scroll more than calling or actually checking on people.

Maybe in calling them, I get to experience a glimpse of their lives with them, I get to be in their moments and them in mine. Maybe in calling them I get to discover new things about the people who are close to me, maybe in calling them I get to do life with them, maybe in calling them I get to be present, helpful and a listening ear, maybe in calling them I get to be the feet and hands of Jesus in the 21st century, I get to be love and lighten up their days, or they even get to lighten up mine and we get to catch up.

All I need to do is to scroll through my phone book and call someone, or think of a friend to call or maybe see their status update and decide to call them.

All I need to do is scroll less, and call more.


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