Resources to help you break free from porn

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(For those who aren’t sure if they are addicted to watching porn or not, you can take this TEST to know)

When you are addicted, you know what is at stake,
you don’t want to mess it up,
you are trying so hard so that you could be normal, normal again.

You regret the thing that entered your life,
sometimes you remember vividly how it entered your life.

You hate to see yourself after using,
you stop being proud of yourself.

All the efforts, resolution that your addiction made you throw out on the third day of the new year, you reach a point you can’t cry anymore for who you are or where you have reached with the addiction.

You just wish it stops.

Want it to stop.

Pray that it stops.

But maybe you don’t want it to stop enough.

Cause the truth is you like the way it makes you feel.

You like the way your nerves relaxes and makes you believe at that time that, that is what you want.

That you are okay with loosing everything to get that feeling.

But in your sane self you know you don’t,
you want to loose the addiction.

You want it to leave your life, you envy those who aren’t addicted,
you also don’t want them to be, it is hard to beat an addiction.
Because they are quite complicated,
but you are strong enough,
you will.

If you are struggling from porn addiction, here are few resources to help you break free..


1- XXX Church

2- Fight The New Drug

3- Beggar’s Daughter

4- Moral Revolution

5- Proven Men

6- Porn Addiction

7- Joy Pedrow Ministries

8- Compulsion Solutions


1- Porn Free – John Bevere

2- Freedom from Porn for Women

3- Overcoming Porn : The 40 day challenge


1- Brain, Heart, World

2- Why I Stopped Watching Porn

I think I have shared a lot of resources for one blog post. But you can also use an app to control your web browsing habits. You can find them for free on Playstore.

Also knowing your triggers helps in the fight against porn.

By the way, I have created a WhatsApp group, as a support group for people who are struggling to meet and talk and break free together. Don’t ever struggle in silence, or think you are alone, we can walk together to freedom!

You can join the support group by clicking HERE.


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