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Sharing experiences in life that i encounter everywhere i go, plus in this space i question things in the community and unlearn things.

To the girl who was raped in university

Eunice Tossy/ June 17, 2019

When i was in university, someone told me a story of a girl who was raped years before i was enrolled. I felt for her, she didn’t get justice, all she did get was being shamed and more pain. I hope she reads this, and i hope we become more open to talk about sexual harassment in college.

A letter to a depressed recent graduate (part 2)

Eunice Tossy/ May 13, 2019

Dear graduate. You will be okay. I know it gets so dark, hopeless and tough but i promise you, you will be okay. They say, “tough times don’t last, but tough people do”.. If anything this experience will prove to the world what i have always believed about you, You are tough.