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Who am I—-   Oh, hey fam!!! I am Eunice Tossy Jonassy.I am glad you visited my internet space, i am more than honored to have you here.I hope you join the family, and stay longer. Well, I love reading and writing a lot. I also love travelling, eating, dancing, walking, watching the sunrise and sunset and laughing. When i am not busy with my phone, or listening to music (millennial), you can find me engaging in conversations with people, and that is why i created this platform. To share life as i live it, the conversations that i have with people and my thoughts on issues of life, faith, culture and all that i am passionate about. I also share tips for university students, and career guides for recent graduates.

Do you think you have anything to share as well, don’t hold back, guest post on this blog.

Why the name—- was born out of my love for the Bible reading, i was also the only female top ten winner out of a Bible reading competition in Mbeya, Tanzania and also out of a lot of prayer and consideration.

About the blog—-   An online space where i write my authentic thoughts on issues of life and faith, i share other writer’s thoughts as well, and I interview other amazing people and hear their thoughts as well.

Let’s explore together!

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