10 ways to have fun in university | Your Guide to University Life

Reading Time: 2 minutes Couple of ideas on how you can have fun and ace your studies at the same time.. University is all about adventure and here is how you can have one!

Your Guide to University Life: Cheating in Exams

Reading Time: 4 minutes In a society that values following the crowd and success, sometimes our values get caught up in the rat race, and we are left to choose between our values or following the crowd. In university life, sometimes the normal things to do, becomes that which should not be normalized… A good example is cheating in exams, it is normalized in university, almost seems harmless……

Vitu 5 vya kuwa navyo makini unapokuwa chuo | Your Guide to University Life

Reading Time: 3 minutes Maisha ya chuo ni maisha ambayo sometimes yanadetermine vile unaweza ishi maisha yako yote and sometimes not.. But what is for sure ni kuwa unaishi na consequences za uchaguzi wako, na vile unavyoonekana chuo ndio ndivyo watu watakavyokuongelea for the rest of their lives.?